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Guía docente para el curso 2015 - 2016
61650 -- Research methods and academic communication
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Learning outcomes that define this course

The student, in order to pass the course, will have to show her/his competence in the following skills:


The student can produce an original academic text based on the analysis and critical interpretation of a primary text using one or several theoretical frameworks 


The student is able to recognize and use the basic analytical methodologies to understand, analyze and interpret literary, filmic and cultural texts in English


The student can recognize and use computer tools and bibliographical resources with a view to developing a research study


The student can use a range of computer tools and technologies for developing research in the field of English studies (literature and film)


The student knows how to search, analyze, synthesize and communicate information at an advanced level in order to carry out research in the field of English Studies


The student can develop a critical perspective using a variety of academic texts and bibliographic resources in the field of literature, cinema and culture in English


The student is able to assess the quality of an academic essay according to the established lexico-grammatical, discoursal, rhetorical and stylistic conventions. 


Brief presentation of the course

This course deals with the study and application of different analytical and critical methods that can be used to carry out research in the fields of literature and film studies in English. The course also seeks to engage the students in the critical analysis of a range of strategies for good academic written and spoken communication, and help them understand the rationale behind those strategies. The students can apply the course contents in the preparation of the course essays as well as in the preparation and public defense of their Master Dissertation.