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27304 -- Introduction to Law
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Learning outcomes that define this course

The student, in order to pass the course, will have to show her/his competence in the following skills:


1.- Identify Private Law institutes through which personal and patrimonial relationships are governed.

2.-  Identify who is to be deemed an entrepreneur and to understand the classification of business entities.

3.- Advising about legal structure options and entrepreneurs’ legal duties.

4.- Register companies according to the legal regime of public companies and limited liability companies.

5.- Identify the most commonly-used commercial contracts and the legal regime of negotiable instruments such as bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes.

6.- Identify insolvency situations and analyse bankruptcy proceedings.

7.- Identify and critically evaluate relevant legal information and, in particular, acts and judiciary and administrative decisions.

8.- Learn the value of rigorous investigation and follow deontological requirements in her professional activity.

9.-  Encourage respect for Fundamental Rights and Gender Equality.


Brief presentation of the course

“Introduction to Law” is a key Introductory first term Level 1 course of the Business Administration Degree (in Spanish Grado en Adminstración y Dirección de Empresas [ADE]).

Through this course, ADE students will develop a basic knowledge of the Spanish Legal System and will be introduced to a wide range of legal topics and issues.

 This course introduces prospective ADE graduates to basic Civil and Commercial Law institutes that are indispensable for identifying market participants and how markets work.