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27303 -- Principles of Marketing
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Learning outcomes that define this course

The student, in order to pass the course, will have to show her/his competence in the following skills:


Understand and explain the concept of marketing, its scope, functions and importance within organisations.


Identify, differentiate and assess strategic marketing orientations, as well as new trends in marketing.


Describe the buyer’s decision-making process and analyse the influence of various factors that affect the consumer’s buying behaviour.


Identify, analyse and assess the main decisions of the company regarding the marketing-mix instruments: product, price, place and promotion.


Carry out, individually or in groups, activities and projects related to the contents of the subject. The students are required to implement a correct planning of these activities and projects in order to attain their goals and to optimise time resources.


Communicate, both oral and written, knowledge, ideas and outcomes of the activities and projects carried out.


Brief presentation of the course

The subject "Principles of Marketing” belongs to the module “Marketing and Market Research”. The subject is of an introductory nature directed at establishing the fundamentals of marketing. Specifically, it deals with basic concepts, instruments and decisions related to the marketing field. In addition, the goal is to prepare the students for acquiring a deeper knowledge of the discipline in the subsequent marketing subjects of the degree. The subject is divided into two main parts: the first part deals with the basic concepts of Marketing and the consumer’s buying behaviour; the second part is focused on the key variables and marketing actions.