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27301 -- Financial Accounting I
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Learning outcomes that define this course

The student, in order to pass the course, will have to show her/his competence in the following skills:


To understand accounting as a basic information system for making decisions in the framework of economic activity.


To identify and define the users of accounting information and their information needs within the established financial accounting and management accounting framework.


To understand and use the concepts and instruments of the double-entry system and to apply it to the accounting cycle. The student will also understand the concepts and fundamental instruments of the accounting method.


To analyse the business dynamic and its impact on net equity and net income. In this way, the student will know how the net equity is determined and the characteristics of the elements included in assets, liabilities and net equity, on the one hand, and in incomes and expenses, on the other.


To know the phases of the accounting cycle and examine the economic-financial operations and their impact on the entities’ accounting by carrying out tasks that approximate economic reality. 


To process, in the accounts, at a basic level, the information of the organizations’ economic and financial activity with special reference to the operations at the end of the reporting period.


To formulate, interpret and understand the elements of financial statements, the standards for their elaboration, especially, the content of the balance sheet and the income statement.


Brief presentation of the course

The availability of adequate and timely economic-financial information is an unavoidable need in a globalized environment such as the current one. Financial accounting is an information system that plays a crucial role in the decision-making process in whatever ambit of economic activity. In this course, students are prepared to be able of registering the economic and financial reality in the accounting ledgers and of elaborating and interpreting the synthesised information that will be provided to different interested users about the wealth of the entities and its variations.