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27300 -- Fundamentos de administración y dirección de empresas
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Learning outcomes that define this course

The student, in order to pass the course, will have to show her/his competence in the following skills:


That they understand and are able to explain the meaning and the reasons behind the existence of the firm.


That they are able to define and link the basic concepts of the administration and general management of the firm and its functional areas, especially those that have to do with the management of the firm, as well the relation between these areas and the environment of the firm .


That they are able to apply simple techniques and models for solving problems in the areas of production, finance and human resources.


That they can identify and describe the basic characteristics and their scope in a firm: planning, organization, management and control.


 That they know and recognize the key elements in the decision-making process of a business.


Brief presentation of the course

The course "Fundamentals of Business Administration" is offered by the Departamento de Dirección y Organización de Empresas. It is a basic training course worth 6 ECTS and is taught in the first semester of the first year of the Degree in Business Administration. It is an eminently descriptive and comprehensive subject that is intended to give an overview of the firm, its problems and its relationship with the environment.